titans School Programs

A key component of our community activity is the engagement of schools, students, parents and teachers through our specially formatted programs, the success of which led to the Titans being awarded the 2009 NRL One Community Club of the Year. The Titans have a variety of school community programs to suit many scenarios. Titans Community staff are trained in the delivery of these programs to ensure a positive and engaging experience for all involved.

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Coaching Clinic

Titans representatives will visit the schools to coach children in basic or advanced rugby league skills through the use of fun and educational based drills and games. Coaching Clinics are suitable for children of all ages and can be scheduled around normal class timetables. Depending on availability, the Titans can spend a day at your school on the field or in the classroom.

The physical ability of the children does not matter, as the Coaching Clinics can be adapted to suit the skill level of the group. If you are interested in introducing Rugby League to your class, rewarding your students or building a healthy and active environment in your classroom or school, a Titans Coaching Clinic is just what you are looking for.

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Dream Believe Achieve

Through the Dream Believe Achieve program, students are encouraged to build healthy lifestyles and find positive ways to discover and achieve their dreams. The program raises important issues such as education, self-confidence and setting goals amongst high school students.

Students identify with Titans players due to their diverse backgrounds and their openness about not only their Rugby League aspirations but their personal interests. Titans representatives provide the class with a personal account of what it is like and what it takes to be a part of the professional sporting world.

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My Hero Reads Too

My Hero Reads Too highlights the importance and engages primary school students to read regularly, sending positive messages aimed at fostering a love of learning for life. Titans staff, and often Titans players, demonstrate the importance of reading and discuss with the children their favourite books.

The program is flexible and can consist of one-off reading sessions or can accommodate individual school needs.  The students are read to in either modelled or guided sessions which are planned in consultation with the contact teacher.

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Titans Tackle Bullying

This program has been created to bring a strong focus to the shocking problem of bullying growing throughout primary and high schools. Titans representatives talk to students about their own personal experiences with bullying and encourage students to take a stance against this life-threatening problem. 

As part of the program students are taught to identify the different signs of bullying and shown ways to resolve what is happening before it gets out of hand using positive techniques. The different types of bullying are clearly outlined and the effects they have on students both in and out of school life.

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Wellbeing is something that includes mental wellness, physical activity, nutrition and positive relationships. No one aspect of health is more important than another. They all contribute to a healthy person.  Students learn the importance of good nutrition and exercise along with hydration, sleep and a place to belong for their overall wellbeing.

Titans representatives explain to students why being healthy, active, expressing their feelings and making positive choices through fun and interactive activities is important from a young age. Titans staff are often accompanied on the school visits by current Titans players who are seen as role models and receive many questions from highly engaged students.

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Respect & Belonging

This program aims to provide an interactive learning experience that empowers young people on the respectful values that make a successful team, group, or community. Respecting yourself, respecting others and taking responsibility for your actions are the key themes as well as creating a sense of belonging and celebrating differences.

Titans representatives draw upon their experiences of being a part of a professional sporting team, whether they are new to the club or welcoming a new member to their group, they share how they felt and the importance to develop a respectful relationship with their peers. It is also highlighted that not everyone is the same and we recognize people’s differences as a positive to be able to learn more about each other.
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